Why us?

Effective IT Solutions understands that every business is unique, and because of this we offer support options that can be personally tailored to suit your IT needs.

Our standard support contract gives the customer a guaranteed time period to receive a response for his/her support request. The standard on-site response is offered within four hours, although for critical devices, this can be much faster. Through the use of remote access, most responses and resolutions occur within a matter of minutes. By using remote access and online monitoring, we are immediately informed when any problem occurs.

We also provide a pay-as-you-go support option that means you don’t have to worry about binding long-term contracts.

Main services

Interface Design

Designing user-friendly and
easy-to-follow interfaces.

Mobile Apps

Providing users with the extensive
experience of working on mobile
projects on the go.


Creating engaging stories that are
both interactive and effective.

Free Support

Providing 24/7 assistance without any hidden fees.

Work team

Steven Barasch


Rose D'Elia

Art Director

Madhav Muralidhar

Project Manager

Larry Jacob

Lead Architect

Our tech consulting development values


Full Cycle Software Offering

We partner with our clients for the entire project lifetime - starting with the elaboration of the basic ideas and making the first sketches, right up to actual implementation and long-term maintenance. Every stage is equally important for final success and we take full responsibility in ensuring the client gets the best results possible.


Strong Business & Technical Expertise

A decade in business, combined with the vast personal experience of our specialists and use of cutting-edge technologies, allow us to deliver a wide spectrum of award winning solutions and comprehensive services and contribute to our clients' business prosperity.


Advanced Development Methodology

We follow best industry practices and constantly improve our development and project management approaches to ensure outstanding results for our clients:

  • Agile (certified SCRUM Masters on board)
  • Test-driven and Behavior-driven development
  • Continuous integration
  • Unified coding guidelines


Complete Transparency

One of our primary business principles is to provide complete transparency and clarity to every detail of the project, so our clients can efficiently evaluate progress, and make amendments if needed.